Every once in a while comes a thing… that will blow your mind…. so hard… that you need to just sit back and take a chill pill. Last week it was going to a coffee shop and getting ice coffee. One might order this ice coffee and say, “hey go easy on the ice.” The person serving you the ice coffee might say something like, “Did you know that the ice we have is made of coffee?” What!!!!!! you think. You go on about your day, but really you can’t stop thinking about the little cubes of ice that aren’t actually ice at all. They’re coffee. If you’re not following, let me explain; normally when you get ice coffee the ice in the coffee isn’t actually coffee, it’s frozen water. So you sip you’re drink, feeling like a sucker… ’cause you know that after you drink all the coffee you are just left with a bunch of shitty ice. So when the ice is not actually normal ice, but coffee ice, it doesn’t matter… because the ice isn’t actually ice, it’s coffee… so the whole ice paradigm is blown out of the water. To be honest, I’m not really sure how I feel about ice. It’s cold and if your fingers aren’t wet it will stick to them (although I recently found out about a trick to watering your orchid where you just stick three ice cubes in it a week and it gets the perfect amount of water… this also blew my mind until I recently killed my orchid due to lack of ice). Oh yeah, coffee ice. Well the thing is,  when the coffee melts, you still have coffee because it’s coffee not ice. How does this relate to wheels? I’m not sure.

Oh yeah, good ideas. I just got a new board setup and popped some 56 mm Oj Keyframe wheels on it. I’m super stoked on the board shape and graphic (a Merde 8.1 or something). The wheels. Oh man… I guess they are designed for filmers. They are super smooth and quiet. I’ve never really been a soft wheel person… and at 87a I figured they might be a good way to go… maybe they’d slide a little bit. They don’t slide all that much, but i don’t really care. Have you ever surfed a newborn baby’s behind? If you haven’t I have… tonight for the first time, coming home from the bar nonetheless. We all know that newborn babies don’t usually get hemorrhoids, but a city does. Cruising around on the city hemorrhoids is just like that newborn rump, thanks to these wheels bein’ so tight,  it’s literally better then surfing an adult behind without hemorrhoids who regularly uses preparation H as a precautionary measure. At 56mm they’re small enough to cruise around the streets and hit shit (cause they’re light cause they’re small and what not), soft enough to roll over any hemorrhoid that you might come across, but not so soft that you need make a strictly cruiser setup for them, and awesome enough to cure any pre-existing rear-end ailments that you may have. In short, I’m stoked



Oj Keyframes wheel review


3 thoughts on “Oj Keyframes wheel review

  1. Cakes says:

    Dude, fuck new seasons for not having coffee ice.

  2. Bob says:

    These wheels are so good. They ride a lot softer than other 87a wheels and keep their cores under heavy loads. Used to be a huge Bones ATF/SoftCore user (12 sets at least) and each set peeled away from cruising use. No slappies or powerslides. Just pushing around campus and town. It was $32 a month for a year before I discovered Keyframes (first orange version). Hooked ever since. So good. Stockpiling them up just in case they stop making them. Hopefully the filmer board/corner cruiser trend stays and these wheels stick around.

  3. joet says:

    I’m sold. Ordering a pair.

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