San Francisco

It’s been almost two months since Jeff and I split up on the road. We are both back in Portland; Jeff smells bad and I have a broke foot. I’ve been hard at work on the zine and I’m hoping for an early April release/party.

Looking back at the footage I’m getting sad about my foot, missing English Max, and reminiscing about how few things are as great as waking up early in SF and skating into the night with some of the best folks in the world. All terrain ripping now includes pumpkins.

It’s always a pleasure to run into fellow Baltimoron and sweetheart, Robbie. In addition to being a superb musician he excels at various methods of drinking beer on the BART and non-ticketpayingtry.

When you get off the Bart you can skate this gem… but don’t let your sweater eat your face like English Max did.

When Robbie headed back north for work we were lucky enough to score his lovely RV for a week of luxurious prime SF real estate. Our new digs were not missing any windows and were not filled with rotten vegetables and dirty underwear. It also has never caught on fire and is extremely safe and comforting to move from the east bay to the city via Bay Bridge driving. It sleeps 4-5 dudes comfortably. For more details contact Robbie by shouting outside of your window.

When we moved back to Oakland, we were fortunate enough to move into an even smaller vehicle. The nice thing about the van was that it had a roof deck for star gazing and sleeping. The disadvantage was getting woken up by dudes multiple times in the night demanding you keep watch while they smoke hard drugs.

Here’s a montage. See ya soon.


2 thoughts on “San Francisco

  1. splam! says:

    you mysteriously forgot the part where you all slept in my room

  2. time does funny things to the memory. I also have no photos of you! you should leave a photo in the comments

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